Card Reader CR80 Diamond Flocked Cleaning Card
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Card Reader Diamond Flocked Cleaning Card
Both sides flocked in diamond grid, pre-saturated with Alcohol Free Cleaner
Packing : 50 Cleaning Cards Per Box
Nominal Size Dimension : 54 X 86 X 1.10 mm
Part Number : CRCC-CR80FD-AF
Features & Benefits
- Clean Efficiently due to Brush Cleaning Effect.
- Less machine failures due to effective dirt removal.
- Simple and Easy Handling
- Effectively clean magnetic head conceal in difficult to reach recess area.
For all Automated Teller Machines with mechanical and motorized insertion card readers but no shutter.
Cleaning the IC Contact Pins in Smart Card Readers and Magnetic Head in Swipe or Insertion Card Reader.
Card Reader Flocked Cleaning Card is best recommended for Preventive Maintenance on ATM Machine and Slot Machine and Smart Card Reader. It is extremely effective in high level of dirt collection.
It can be pre-moistened with Alcohol Free Cleaner to achieve high degree of Cleanliness.
Our proprietary formulated Alcohol Free Cleaner Solution is anti-microbial, 100% non-toxic, non- flammable, environmental friendly and RoHS compliant. Refer to MSDS-CRCC-CR80FD-AF
Alcohol Free Cleaner is free from Iso Propyl Alcohol, Ammonia and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and safely cleans , removes dust, dirty stain, and leaves no residue on the surface.
  • • MSDS CRCC-CR80FD-AF Diamond Flocked Card.pdf
  • • TDS CRCC-CR80FD-AF Diamond Flocked Card.docx.pdf
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