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Anti-static cleaning swab
Anti-static cleaning swab

Clean swabs are generally used to wipe electronic products, prevent dust, etc., will use anti-static, but now electronic products in the manufacturing process will be damaged by a little static electricity, this time you need to use anti-static cleaning  swab.Therefore, choosing the right cleaning swab is the best, which requires knowing the characteristics of the purification  swab.
Clean swabs, also known as dust-free swabs, are soft, easy to wipe on sensitive surfaces, do not leave friction, and have good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. The cleaning and packaging of the products are done a super clean workshop.

Therefore, in the choice of purifying the  swab, you should choose a clean  swab with antistatic function.Clean swabs are generally used to wipe off high-tech products such as LCDs, wafers, PCBs, digital camera lenses, camera films, and compact discs without producing dust particles. At the same time, they can also absorb liquids and dust particles to achieve cleaning.

Meditech Anti-static cleaning swab
Meditech's anti-static cleaning swab can solve the anti-static and dust-free performance for you.