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Hotel IC card lock is dirty how to do, how to clean?
Hotel IC card lock is dirty how to do, how to clean?

IC card door lock (system) is mainly composed of five parts: front desk management computer, IC card, IC card reader, door lock, controller.
The front office management computer is responsible for writing IC card operations, creating cards with different functions and permissions according to different user types (such as guest cards and management cards, which can open many doors), and managing the hotel's access control system. Statistics unlock record.
The IC reader can write the information in the read card under the control of the front desk computer. The front desk is external and used for issuing cards. The lock is built-in and reads the information of the door card function.

IC card door lock cleaing card

The use of MediTech's hotel access lock to clean the card is very simple. Insert our cleaning card into the keyhole and pull back and forth several times. It is recommended that the service staff clean every room when cleaning!