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Meditech IPA cleaning pen
IPA cleaning pen

Meditech is a direct manufacturer of thermal printhead cleaning pens. Didi's cleaning pen is popular at home and abroad and is loved by many customers!

 IPA cleaning pen
Meditec's cleaning pens are completed by professional technicians. There are two types: one is a fixed design pattern, and the other is a cleaning pen that can design the customer's own logo. The two pens have the same effect, but the appearance of the pen body is different. The design logo is the most FedEx, mainly used for FedEx thermal printers, this will show that FedEx is more professional. Both conventional and design models are 12 pieces/box.
The IPA cleaning pen is mainly for cleaning the print head, and the maintenance of the cleaning print head ensures the print quality. The most used is the thermal printer. Thermal printers use: barcode printers - for industrial, logistics and other industries; label printers; receipt printers - retail, supermarkets, shops, hospitals, etc.; there are other ticket printers and so on.
A cleaning pen can solve the problem of print head cleaning. What are you waiting for? Please contact us for order