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PCB Wiping Tools, PCB Cleaning Swabs, PCB Wipe Sticks

      PCB (Printed Circuit Board), also known as printed circuit board, is an important electronic components, is the support of electronic components,

but also the electronic components of the electrical connection carrier

     PCB future production of printed circuit board technology trends: high precision, high density, high reliability, fine pore size, fine wire, fine pitch,

multi-layer, high-speed transmission, lightweight, thin direction.

     In the production of PCB materials, we are familiar with such as glass fiberboard, paper substrate, metal substrate, there are plastic-based, many,

there are high-frequency PTFE and so on
    Also in the production process there are many auxiliary materials such as clean cotton swabs, anti-static cotton swabs, etc.

   Shenzhen Meditech professional production of a variety of clean foam swab, the production of polyester clean foam  swab (clean foam head wipe stick) PS758,

suitable for wiping a small space in the plane, groove and other places, small round head and short Handle use more flexible,
   Easy to wipe the micro-mechanical, cleanliness requirements of high precision instruments. With IPA and other organic solvents used, the better.
Polyester clean foam swab PS758 is a very good tool to wipe the PCB, and because it is often used to wipe the PCB, generally known as PCB wipe sticks

or PCB Cleaning Swabs