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Printer thermal head cleaning method
Printer thermal head cleaning method

Note: When the thermal head piece is completely tampered with, the print head piece can be cleaned afterwards, otherwise the head piece may be broken due to uneven heating of the head piece.
1. Make sure that the power supply is turned off before cleaning the thermal head and the power cable and communication cable are unplugged.
2. Remove the cover of the printer and lift the lever of the head to remove the paper.
3. Use a printer cleaning swab produced by Meditech (soak a cotton swab or an extruded cotton swab) and gently apply dirt on the surface of the heating element on the headpiece. Remember not to use sandpaper, a blade, or a hard object. Print the head piece! Otherwise, the thermal head piece will be permanently damaged and cannot be repaired.
4. After cleaning the head piece, it is necessary to wait for the wine on the head piece (Meddi's soaked cotton swab has very good volatility, and it can be used after about several minutes). After it is completely dry, it is turned on again for self-test and observation and cleaning. After the effect.
5. If the printed handwriting after cleaning is still not clear, please contact the after sales department of the sales company for maintenance.