Thermal Printer Cleaning Card - 2.5"x6"
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Thermal Printer Cleaning Card
- Pre-Saturated With IPA

Packing : 25 Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards Per Box
Nominal Size Dimension : 50.8 X 152.4 X 0.305 mm
Part Number : TPCC-250006-IPA
Features & Benefits
- Economical Costs to maintain your Thermal Printer in Routine Maintenance to prevent print error.
- Less machine failures due to effective dirt removal.
- Easy handling
- Alcohol Free Cleaner will safely clean , remove dust, dirty stain, and leave no Residue on the surface. - Refer to MSDS TPCC-250006-IPA
IPA pre-saturated Thermal Printer Cleaning Card is an alternative Cleaner for preventive maintenance of Thermal Printer, Bill Acceptor, Check Scanner, etc.
Thermal Printer require preventative maintenance for keeping the printhead clean and debris free from contamination build up. It cleans and revitalizes the platen roller.
Pre-saturated Thermal Printer Cleaning Cards are a cost effective way to maintain your Thermal Printers and increase the service life of the printhead.
  • • MSDS TPCC-250006-IPA Thermal Printer Cleaning Card - 2.5”x6”.pdf
  • • TDS TPCC-250006-IPA Thermal Printer Cleaning Card - 2.5”x6”.pdf
  • • Meditech Thermal Printer Cleaning Kits.pdf
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