Adhesive Remover Clean Foam Swab
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Adhesive Remover Clean Foam Swab
Packing : 50 Swabs / Box
Nominal Size Dimension : 5.0’’
Part Number : IPAPFS-707
Features & Benefits
- 100 ppi , open cell polyurethane rectangular foam tip.
- Non abrasive.
- Foam is sealed directly onto the plastic handle without use of adhesive to make it more environmental friendly.
- Easy handling
- Excellent for removing ink stains, adhesive residue , and debris on the print head.
- Computer keyboards.
- Optical and magnetic head devices.
- Electronic components.
- Thermal Printers (card printers, barcode printers, label printers, receipt printers)
- Inkjet printers
The Clean Foam Swab Tip is pre-saturated with IPA solution and packed in individual pouch.
Remove Swab handle from the opening pouch, clean the Thermal Print Head by using a back & forth motion to effectively remove dirt and debris accumulated on the print head thus extending its life and maintaining a readable image.
  • • TDS IPAPFS-707 Swab.pdf
  • • MSDS IPAPFS-707 Swab.pdf
  • • Meditech Thermal Printer Cleaning Kits.pdf
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